During my first internship (2015) I got the change to broaden my knowledge on online marketing at ANWB, the Royal Dutch Touring Club. ANWB has 4.3 million members and has service points all over the world. I was a member of the Webshop team, which is responsible for the online marketing of ANWB products. My main focus was on:

  • Expanding the social media strategy of the webshop
  • Testing new applications
  • Graphic design


After this internship, I did another one at Marqit.

Marqit is the lead generation specialist of the Dutch and Belgian IT market. Marqit is part of the Jaarbeurs Utrecht group of companies, specialized in organising exhibitions. My main assignment (2015) was to design and develop different websites for their events using WordPress.

In addition, I have been working and learning about:

  • Research target group
  • Designing posters and banners
  • Interviewing
  • Internal communication