First year – 2013

Portfolio website 1.0

The big challenge in the first year of my studies at the Hague University of Applied Sciences was to make my own portfolio website. In designing and building the website I wanted to show my own personality and creativity as well as optimizing its functionality.


Second year – 2014


To prove that I’m able to understand any target group, I developed a computer program for the mentally disabled. This program allows mentally disabled to be more self-reliant.
They can plan their own appointment schedule and make new friends without external support. To get into the matter as best as I can, I talked to a couple of institutes for the mentally disabled. This provided me with a good insight about the daily life of a mentally disabled person.  Based on this knowledge, I developed the concept for the program.

User Experience focuses on an optimal match of the website to the target group. told me their website didn’t perform well.
That’s why I focused on improving the user experience. I designed a website
where both the novice and the experienced skater can find their way. By placing a video next to the product, I added an extra experience to the site.
Furthermore, it is now possible to design your own board and find out what kind of skater you are. This way the user will find out more clearly what he/she is looking for.



Patterns are the basis for proper navigation in a website or app.
That is why I think it’s important to devote attention to this aspect when designing websites. In order to learn how to use patterns,
I redesigned the website Anouk Corstiaensen (
Her website has been made user-friendly, cheerful and show her creativity.


Third year – 2015

Cultural webdesignSchermafbeelding 2016-04-02 om 19.58.50

Cultural differences are everywhere. Also in webdesign. To learn more about the cultural differences in webdesign between countries I applied the six dimensions of Hofsteede. With these dimensions in mind I designed a Portuguese website for Sagres, a beer company.

Sustainable design

Sustainable design is important. In this Sleep&Off project I focused on a sustainable Business Model. I developed a poster showing the canvas of my research.